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A+U 605 21:02: E2A – Strategic Methodologies

A+U 605 21:02: E2A – Strategic Methodologies

A+U 605 21:02: E2A – Strategic Methodologies


Publisher Shinkenchiku-sha
SKU: S03001

a+u February issue features the architecture office E2A based in Zurich, Switzerland. E2A, which represents architects by 2 brothers, Piet and Wim Eckert, was started in 2001.

The E2A architecture dominates our eyes with their solid design of strong truss structure and clear vertical and horizontal lines. This is the result from the work of resolving contradictions caused by the diverse functions, programs, ambitions and wishes, site constraints and conditions required of architecture, as symbolically explained in E2A’s statement, before finally putting them into the form of an architecture. E2A has clear strategies, finds methodologies, but at the same time recognizes that they must not lose resilience. The solutions derived from these points, that is, architecture, are clear and simple to understand. It is as if there was no struggle to unravel such contradictions and confusing issues. This is probably why their architecture which is vigorous seems overwhelming at first glance; but it is not.

A model is one of the things that are required to be submitted as a matter of course in a competition. The photographs of E2A’s model have already reached the level of being an art, and the high degree of perfection is remarkable. Models that embody the basic concept play 3 important roles in the design process, along with plans and images. In this issue, at the beginning page of each project, the model shows the concept and clarifies how it leads to the architecture.

208 pp.