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2G 83: Smiljan Radic Houses

2G 83: Smiljan Radic Houses

2G 83: Smiljan Radic Houses


Edited with text by Moisés Puente. Text by Enrique Walker, Smiljan Radic.

Walther König, Köln 2022

SKU S03592

Fourteen exquisite innovations in domestic architecture from the acclaimed Chilean virtuoso

The work of Chilean architect Smiljan Radic (born 1965) has found international acclaim following his superb 2014 Serpentine Gallery pavilion in London. This 2Gissue features a selection of the houses built by Radic throughout his nearly three-decade career, from his extension to the Charcoal Burner’s House (Cupliprán, 1997–98) and his Small House (Vilches, 1995–96) to his last Wooden House (Lake Colico, 2014–15) and Prism House (Coinguillio, 2017–18).
In addition to the 14 houses featured, a text by Enrique Walker explains the keys to understanding Radic’s domestic oeuvre; another, by Moisés Puente, describes the interventions that Radic created at an estate in Vilches for Puente and his family. Two texts by Radic himself discuss Chilean domestic architecture and the role of “repair” (rather than mere restoration or preservation) in architecture generally.

Flexi, 9 x 11.75 in. / 160 pgs / 155 color / 54 bw.