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Andrea Caputo and Anniina Koivu


SKU S04040

A colossal, spectacularly designed encyclopedia of the countless forms of joints, from the welded and knotted to wood-on-wood and beyond

"U-joints" is short for "universal joints." A joint is defined as the place where two or more parts of an object are joined together. The result of a four-year research project, U-Joints: A Taxonomy of Connections looks at human history through its details, and invites us to see design and architecture in new ways. At more than 900 pages, this massive, beautifully designed volume is arranged into six taxonomic chapters: Basic Fasteners, Mechanical Joints, Wood on Wood, Knots and Knits, Adhesives and Sealants, and Welded and Fused Joints. It runs the gamut from the most common joints to the rarest, and includes unexpected examples as well as the most advanced kinds of joining techniques. These chapters are followed by essays, interviews and photographic studies that narrate the cultural and artistic story of joints, show how they are produced and demonstrate their often overlooked beauty. U-Joints is open source in conception: it aims to open up new dialogues and spark curiosity about the details of our man-made world.

Paperback, 8.25 x 10.5 in. / 943 pgs / 576 color / 595 bw.