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Zaha Hadid: Pierres Vives

Zaha Hadid: Pierres Vives

Zaha Hadid: Pierres Vives


HADID. Binet, Helen Stephane Hof. Zaha Hadid: Pierres Vives

Cl. Skira. 2013

Book ID: 93405

A monographic look at Pierres Vives, Zaha Hadids latest major work, and its innovative approach to spatial design and urban planning. This book documents the ten-year creation of Pierres Vives, an imposing new public building by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid. The 28,500-square-meter stone and concrete sculptural structure brings Hadids signature boundary-pushing spatial concepts to urban planning on a grand scale. Conceptualized as a "tree of knowledge" by Zaha Hadid as early as 2002, the structure combines three government functions archives, a library, and a sports center into one building to fill the needs of a growing population in Montpellier, France. This book is the definitive source of images for the built structure and the construction process, and explores the architects design choices, allowing a deep understanding of the work and thought behind the structure.

108 pp. Eng.