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Works That Work #1

Works That Work #1

Works That Work #1


Bilak, Peter ed. Works That Work #1

Pap. Typotheque. 2013

Book ID: 95499

Works That Work examines the often ignored areas of design through engaging storytelling. In this spirit, it also intends to bypass traditional distribution networks and marketing. Instead, it focuses on deepening relationships with its readers, making them partners in this enterprise. Seeking out examples of unexpected creativity from India to the Netherlands, it promotes the idea that creativity surrounds us in our daily lives, from refugee gardens in Tunisia to the vernacular culture of Chinese megacities. With contributions by Michael Wolf, Henk Wildschut, Linda Asher, Irma Boom, David Ives, Hanif Kureshi, Robin Stam, Alexandre Orion, and many more.

84 pp.