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Wood Houses

Wood Houses

Wood Houses


Loft Publications, 2015
SKU: S02011

Unique and inspiring examples of how wood has been used to build homes around the world.

While wood has been used in construction for thousands of years, researchers are still developing innovative systems to strengthen the role of wood as a sustainable material. Wood Houses documents wood used in residential building with profiles of houses, illustrated with the architect’s own plans as well as hundreds of full-color interior and exterior photos.

Inside are over fifty examples of cutting-edge architectural design that challenges previous conceptions about the use of wood in construction and shows how truly modern the medium can be in the hands of the world’s greatest architects. Split into three categories (wood homes, wood construction, and tree houses), Wood Houses also includes a detailed look at wood furniture as well as a glossary that explains the different types of wood and their qualities.

A truly inspirational collection, Wood Houses is an essential addition to any homeowner or aspiring home owner’s bookshelf.

Cl., English, 400 pp.