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Werkgruppe Graz 1959-1989

Werkgruppe Graz 1959-1989

Werkgruppe Graz 1959-1989


WERKGRUPPE GRAZ. Guttman, Eva et al., eds. Werkgruppe Graz 1959-1989

Park Books.  2014

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Few architectural firms were more important or influential in postwar Austria than Werkgruppe Graz. The four principals Eugen Gross, Friedrich Gross-Rannsbach, Herman Pichler, and Wenrer Hollomey began working together in 1959, after being educated at the Technical University in Graz, and they completed their first building in 1963. Working from socially progressive principles, and utilizing an unusually participatory approach to design, the firm built such groundbreaking buildings as the Terrace House Estate in Graz-St. Peter (1965 78) and the students hostel Am Hafnererriegel (1961 64). But even as their style became widely emulated known as the Graz School the quartet didnt limit themselves to architecture: along the way they also edited a series of poetry books that brought in contributions from their wide circle of artistic acquaintances.

318 pp.