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We go to the gallery.

We go to the gallery.

We go to the gallery.


Elia, Miriam

Dung Beetle LTD, 2015

Book ID: S00034

An art world parody of a children's primer on looking on art -- not for kids but very funny.

Have you taken children to a gallery recently? Did you struggle to explain the work to them in plain, simple English? With this new Dung Beetle book by artist Miriam Elia--a tribute to and a parody of the much-loved British Ladybird early learning children's books of the 1960s--anyone can learn about contemporary art and understand many of its key themes. Join John and Susan on their exciting journey through the art exhibition, where, with Mummy's help, they will discover the real meaning of all the contemporary artworks, from empty rooms to vagina paintings or giant inflatable dogs.

46 pp., Cl.