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Volume No. 30: Privatize

Volume No. 30: Privatize

Volume No. 30: Privatize


VOLUME. Volume No. 30: Privatize

Pap. Archis. 2012

Book ID: 91643

What used to be collective care is rapidly becoming private responsibility. At least in the West. Is privatization the one size fits all solution to every (financial) problem? Can addressing collective needs be thought of as the sum total of numerous private initiatives? And will the ÔretreatÕ of government and state be compensated by other ways to organize the complex organism called society? Volume maps realities, enlists challenges, and presents options, with peak previews into tomorrows society and economy. Including a dossier on practices and principles of how to build your own home around the globe, lessons in adaptation from Istanbul and the UK.

184 pp., color illus. English.