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Vicent Guallart: Re-Naturalisation

Vicent Guallart: Re-Naturalisation

Vicent Guallart: Re-Naturalisation


GUALLART. Vicent Guallart: Re-Naturalisation

Cl. AADCU. 2008

Book ID: 81312

As Aaron Betsky notes in his introductory essay, that while Guallart is an active member of what has been called emergent architecture, his practice goes further, generating a body of work that emerges from both physical and social Ð both real and digital Ð structures. While the architect himself suggests that the end purpose of architecture is not (solely) to build, but also to define environments where human life can be organised. To support these observations, such projects as Denia Mountain, the Spanish Pavilion for Shanghai Expo 2010, the Keelung Maritime Plaza and Fugee Port in Taiwan, the Cambrils Sea Apartments and the Sociopolis Masterplan, Valencia are examined. Seventeen works and projects are presented in total, accompanied by essays, texts, photographs and elaborate technical drawings.

320 pp., color illus. English/Chinese.