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UNFOLDING: Architectural Works by Recipients of TSK Fellowship

UNFOLDING: Architectural Works by Recipients of TSK Fellowship


CHOI. Choi, Dunam
Youlhwadang Publishers 2016
SKU: 100859

As an architect who consistently produced numerous fine architectural works of tectonic power and substantial gravity in Korea and abroad, Tai Soo Kim founded the TSK Fellowship to encourage young generations of Korean architects by providing generous professional scholarship in Seoul National University since 2000. Due to his act of philanthropy, recipients of TSK Fellowship have contributed a great deal, along with other fellow architects, to put contemporary Korean architecture on the world map. Also, TSK Fellows have been trying to upgrade the level of architectural education by devoting their time and efforts in teaching young students in the academia. All in all, through architectural practice and education, Korea definitely has secured its place in the global context in architecture. And Tai Soo Kim, through the foundation of TSK Fellowship, has played a significant role in bringing the level of Korean contemporary architecture to where it is today. At this juncture, in an effort to express its gratitude and in commemoration of his upcoming exhibition at MMCA, the department of architecture at Seoul National University, with the help of the recipients of TSK Fellowship, has decided to publish a book titled "UNFOLDING," which contains the works of the recipients. The book, through its compilation of works of both SNU and non SNU graduates, will serve not only as a visual cross section of the current Korean architecture but also as an unfoleded record of the architectural journey taken by the recipients accompanied by Tai Soo Kim.

128 pp.