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UH Common Spaces in Housing Units

UH Common Spaces in Housing Units

UH Common Spaces in Housing Units


Zedillo,Carlos + Rozana Montiel, Yaoci Pardo
Arquine 2018
SKU: S01558

Considering that a large percentage of the inhabitants of one of the largest and most populated cities in the world live in Habitational Units (UH), there is a need to question and intervene in the common space that is generated in them. The transformation and evaluation of the UH contributes to the public space of the city, here the daily activities of the users are carried out and the collective needs that promote their constant change are met.

This book is the result of the research work of the Architecture Studio of Rozana Montiel that addresses the issues of interaction, resignification and spatial rehabilitation in the UH. It gathers the concepts of the interventions carried out by the study in different UH where positive changes were generated and a social construction was achieved from them.

The publication is a succession of clues, a play on words, a photographic archive, a manual on coexistence in the common space and how to understand the public space from it.

Spanish and English, PB/ 232pp.