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Tom Wesselmann

Tom Wesselmann

Tom Wesselmann


Wesselmann, Tom.  Aquin, Stephane.

Prestel 2012

SKU 98324

This book examines the work of Tom Wesselmann, one of the great American Pop artists alongside Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, and sheds new light on his distinctive contributions to art history. Exploring Wesselmann's steadfast focus on the fundamentals of art making, this generously illustrated volume casts him as an heir to both Ingres and Matisse, and a forefunner to contemporary artists such as Eric Fischl, Richard Phillips, and Mickalene Thomas. While famous for his Great American Nude series and still lifes of the early 1960s, Wesselmann consistently reinvented himself as an artist.

204 pp. Cl.  Many color illus.