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Tom Scheerer Decorates

Tom Scheerer Decorates

Tom Scheerer Decorates


Scheerer, Tom.  Read, Mimi. 

Vendome 2013

SKU 96052

In an age when houses exhibiting unchecked exuberance, high drama, or conspicuous luxury get all the attention, leading interior designer Tom Scheerer has cultivated a more restrained brand of chic, a look he modestly describes as “cheerful” and “no nonsense.” But it is so much more. In Manhattan apartments, Brooklyn brownstones, Bahamian seaside cottages, and Maine country houses, Scheerer creates rooms that are crisp, confident, classic, and unfailingly correct, but also visually enthralling. His sophistication is extreme, but it is accessible, relaxed, and a touch “underbaked,” as Scheerer says, because he thinks the smartest rooms are always a little underdecorated.

240 pp. Many color illus.