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Tiziano/Gerhard Richter: Heaven On Earth

Tiziano/Gerhard Richter: Heaven On Earth


Corraini Edizioni 2019
SKU: S01697

'Tiziano / Gerhard Richter. Heaven on Earth', published to mark to the exhibition of the same name at Palazzo Te in Mantua, gathers unpublished essays which explore the relationship between the two artists and the different levels of interpreting the theme of the Annunciation, which is fundamental to Western art. Giulio Busi offers an analysis of the Annunciation in Jewish culture and Annarosa Buttarelli reflects on the interpretation of the philosophy of difference; insights on Titian are entrusted to Marsel Grosso and Claudia Cieri Via, who reflects on the echoes of the Annunciation in the history of painting after Titian, while Helmut Friedel and Giovanni Iovane focus on the works of Gerhard Richter.

PB/ 252pp; Italian/English