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The Weegee Guide to New York

The Weegee Guide to New York

The Weegee Guide to New York



Mariani, Phil George, Christopher

International Center of Photography, 2014

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During his storied career as the quintessential New York photojournalist, Weegee explored the city's least glamorous pockets, depicting brutal crimes, horrific accidents, tenement dwellers, street vendors, and mischievous kids. And although his perspective was often dark and cynical, he was also tremendously sentimental about his subjects' hard lives. This unique guide offers a series of excursions through Weegee's stamping grounds, from the Bowery to Midtown, the West Side to the East, and with a little Brooklyn thrown in. Divided into eleven neighbourhood sections, it includes contemporary and period maps to aid the intrepid explorer or casual rambler as they retrace Weegee's steps from murder scene to car wreck to street fight. Best of all, it features hundreds of photographs - many never-before published and all drawn from the archives of the International Center of Photography - that reinforce Weegee's lasting vision of New York as a city both tough and resilient, a city that never sleeps.

Paperback. 432 pp. 270 photos