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The Schools of Herman Hertzberger

The Schools of Herman Hertzberger


HERTZBERGER. de Swaan, Abram

ed. Pap. Rotterdam, 2007

Book ID: 78774

Designs for schools repeatedly crop up in Hertzbergers prodigious oeuvre and are, according to the architect, his favourite buildings. Schools and cities, he contends, can be read in many ways and are challenging, inspirational and inviting. Alongside a presentation of more than 30 of his completed schools and a number of unfinished ones, the publication features an essay by Abram de Swaan, who pays tribute to Hertzberger as a pre-eminently sociological architect. Each building is documented through photographs, plans and explanatory texts. Dutch/English.

176 pp., 250 color and B&W illus.