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The Many Faces of Iran.

The Many Faces of Iran.


Korbendau, Yves and Therese.

Cl. Paris, 2002

Book ID: 66941

The cultural richness of Iran is astounding: the architecture and art of the great dynasties, Elam, Medes, Perses, Sassanides, Saffavides and Qadjars, are perfectly conserved. The diversity and beauty of the country's landscapes, from the lush coasts of the Caspian Sea to the wilder coasts of the Persian Gulf, by way of the snow-capped peaks of the Alborz and Zagros mountains, and the huge deserts of salt, make the discovery of this country a constant surprise. In this beautiful land is a people - both rural and urban - with a great diversity of clothes and costumes.

334 pp. Profuse Full-page Color photos., slipcased