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The Jazz Age

The Jazz Age


Coffin, Sarah D. and Stephen Harrison

Cleveland Museum of Art 2017

Book ID: 101003

The Jazz Age. Capturing the dynamic pulse of the eraÕs jazz music, this lavishly illustrated publication explores American taste and style during the golden age of the 1920s. Following the destructive years of the First World War, this flourishing decade marked a rebirth of aesthetic innovation that was cultivated to a great extent by American talent and patronage. Due to an influx of European ŽmigrŽs to the United States, as well as American enthusiasm for traveling to EuropeÕs cultural capitals, a reciprocal wave of experimental attitudes began traveling back and forth across the Atlantic, forming a creative vocabulary that mirrored the ecstatic spirit of the times. The Jazz Age showcases developments in design, art, architecture, and technology during the Õ20s and early Õ30s, and places new emphasis on the United States as a vital part of the emerging marketplace for Art Deco luxury goods. Featuring hundreds of full-color illustrations and essays by two leading historians of decorative arts, this comprehensive catalogue shows how America and the rest of the world worked to establish a new visual representation of modernity.

360 pp. English Cl.