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The Art of the Bookstore

The Art of the Bookstore

The Art of the Bookstore


SMITH, Gibbs. The Art of the Bookstore

Cl. Gibbs Smith. 2009

Book ID: 94930

The Art of the Bookstore is romantic, poetic, charismatic, and enduring, and independent booksellers around the world thrive on creating this unique culture and ambiance. In this lavish limited-edition gift, the words of many of these booksellers are paired with 40 bookstore paintings chronicling the passion and respect for books, booksellers, and the publishing industry.

Gibbs Smith, founder and president of his namesake publishing company, started the business with his wife, Catherine, in Santa Barbara, and later moved the company to their hometown, Layton, Utah. This year Gibbs Smith, the company, celebrates 40 years as an independent publisher.

96 pp., color paintings. Eng.