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TC Cuadernos 141: estudio Herreros - Critical Practice 2009-2019

TC Cuadernos 141: estudio Herreros - Critical Practice 2009-2019

TC Cuadernos 141: estudio Herreros - Critical Practice 2009-2019


TC Cuadernos, 2019
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With more than 30 years of experience and heirs of the well-known Ábalos & Herreros founded in 1985, Herreros studio consolidates this trajectory of global and interdisciplinary architectural creation and this issue of TC collects the best of its production of the last decade in 346 pages.

There are projects of all scales in this publication, from the urban and the complex building to medium and small-sized performances between the piece of art, the temporary installation, the interior design or the small constructions of all kinds. All widely developed at the level of plans and construction details.

estudioHerreros is an architecture firm with offices in Madrid, New York and Mexico City, operating worldwide and employing about 20 architects from different nationalities. The firm is the consolidation of the 30-year career of Juan Herreros, Chair Professor at Madrid School of Architecture, and Full Professor of Architecture at Columbia University in New York. Historically speaking, estudioHerreros is the refounding of Herreros Arquitectos, which in turn was built on the legacy of the now legendary Ábalos&Herreros, established in 1985. While Herreros Arquitectos was an adventure initiated by Juan Herreros himself with the intention of building a strategic position and a working method in accordance with the times, defined by a global practice and focused on talent, multidisciplinarity and a collaborative work method, estudioHerreros builds on the achievement of such objectives by means of the transformation of Herreros Arquitectos into a partnership structure that incorporates Jens Richter as the first partner translating the personality of the office into a true corporate structureor.

352 pp., PB., Spanish/English