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Swatt - Miers: 30 Projects

Swatt - Miers: 30 Projects

Swatt - Miers: 30 Projects


Robert Swatt and George Miers Swatt - Miers: 30 Projects

Images Publishing Dist Ac

Cl. 2017

Book ID: 101482

This new monograph of the work of Bay Area based, internationally acclaimed Swatt | Miers Architects features 30 exciting new projects, including 20 new homes, covering the prolific decade between 2006 and 2016. This 10-year period has seen the work of Swatt | Miers expand into different regions of California, including the Central Valley, the Northern California wine country, and Los Angeles; different states, including Hawaii and Colorado; and other regions of the world, including Canada, India and Spain. Designed from the inside out, the constant threads that pervade the work include strong relationships of architecture to land, open planning for informal living, and dissolving the boundary between inside and outside... all designed to be as beautiful to live in as to behold. This volume showcases this firm's award-winning projects and recent accomplishments in glorious full colour, and is replete with insightful and engaging commentary across the monograph's extraordinary collection of international works.

256 pp. English