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Super Superstudio

Super Superstudio


SUPERSTUDIO. Angelidakis, Andreas & Vittorio Pizzigoni, Valter Scelsi

Pap. 2016

Book ID: 100220

Superstudio (1966Ð86), a group of Florence-based architects comprising Adolfo Natalini, Cristiano Toraldo di Francia, Roberto Magris, Gian Piero Frassinelli, Alessandro Magris and, from 1970 to 1972, Alessandro Poli, were among the leading radical architects of the 1960s. Almost 50 years after the groupÕs establishment, their designs are gathered for the first time in this volume, which contextualizes the firm's works with that of contemporary artists, including Danai Anesiadou, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Ila Beka and Louise Lemoine, Pablo Bronstein and Stefano Graziani, among many others. This catalogue compiles Superstudio's documents including images, collages, critical writings and storyboards drawn from the archive, and includes critical contributions from curators Andreas Angelidakis, Vittorio Pizzigoni and Valer Scelsi. Super Superstudio is an important tribute to an assault on modernism, that, as the volume reveals, remained and remains relevant for generations to come.

English 366 pp.