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Suep. Book 2 Design Theory

Suep. Book 2 Design Theory


Suemitsu, Hirokazu & Yoko Suemitsu. Suep. Book 2 Design Theory

Garden City 2015

Book ID: 100024

Part of the new generation of Japanese architects, Hirokazu Suemitsu and Yoko Suemitsu seek to establish a new type of industrial/agricultural architecture that intimately interacts with nature. In the first volume, they published their works, while this second volume addresses their theories. Together, the two books describe the essential concepts and comprehensive discourse of their design methodology. The husband and wife team seeks possibilities for the incorporation of man-made objects such as architecture with the natural world through harmony, ecology, and universal ethics, and assert that people should interact with the environment in an open system.

192 pp. Taiwanese/English Cl.