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Shanghai Urban Public Space

Shanghai Urban Public Space

Shanghai Urban Public Space


Haarmann, Anke Shanghai Urban Public Space

Jovis. 2010

Book ID: 84010

This two-volume slipcased book documents an exhibition and conference, held in 2008 and curated by Anke Haarmann, for which artists such as Pu Jie, Wang Wei, Yang Yongliang, Dieter Hassenpflug, Sonia Schoon, Rufina Wu and Stefan Canham were called upon to address Shanghai's complex array of urban issues. Topics range from European influences on Shanghai's character to segregation, homelessness, rooftop communities, "New Urbanism" and the disorientation experienced by the city's long-term residents as their habitat becomes almost unrecognizable to them.

192 pp., color illus., 2 books slipcased. Pap.