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Shanghai Ten Folio

Shanghai Ten Folio

Shanghai Ten Folio


Oscar Riera Ojeda 2017
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SHANGHAI TEN has been curated, edited and hosted in 3 parts, including an exhibition (AAVS SH10 | SHOW), and a symposium event held in Shanghai in July 2016 (AAVS SH10 | EVENT), and this book, AAVS SH10 | FOLIO. SHANGHAI TEN is an opportunity not only to look back, collate, reflect critically, and to disseminate the work of the students, tutors, and visitors in the 10 years of the AAVS Shanghai Summer. SHANGHAI TEN is the product of a multi-contributor collaboration, comprised as the composite aggregation from a large design community.

Contributions to this book have been selected from the work of 745 students from 44 countries who have joined AAVS Shanghai from 2007-2016; 36 tutors who have taught in the programme; and over 80 visitors to the programme, who have given lectures and presentations, attended AAVS symposia, and toured AAVS students to their built projects, factories and galleries in and around Shanghai.

In addition, SHANGHAI TEN | FOLIO also includes essay contributions from a range of expertise in urbanism; transcribed conversations from AAVS symposia in 2015 and 2016. SHANGHAI TEN aims to chart pressing intellectual problematics of this context, their formulations as paradigms related to the conception and design of urbanism, and their associated experimental design approaches and methodologies.

This compilation accumulatively and collectively demonstrates the ontological trajectory AAVS Shanghai has targeted, with the objective to harness, mobilise and respond to the complex challenges of Chinese urbanization in the twenty-first century.

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