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Schwitters Mir— Arp

Schwitters Mir— Arp

Schwitters Mir— Arp


Buchhart, Dieter. Schwitters Mir— Arp

Cl. Prestel 2016

Book ID: 100136

The first book to explore the mutual influence of the groundbreaking modernists Kurt Schwitters, Joan Mir—, and Hans Arp. Featuring approximately 100 key works, along with numerous reference images, this book explores the work of Kurt Schwitters, Joan Mir—, and Hans Arp and the ways in which the artists influenced each others artistic pursuits. It examines the artists shared commitment to geometric forms over natural ones and their individual strategies for fusing painting and sculpture to mine the depths of assemblage. United by an impulse to renew and transform art, to "assassinate" painting, Schwitters, Mir—, and Arp experimented with collage and assemblage in order to build on the achievements of Cubism and break with prior traditions. Not only did their work resonate within their own artistic circles, but it continues to inspire subsequent generations to this day.

192 pp. English