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Rodchenko: Spatial Constructions

Rodchenko: Spatial Constructions

Rodchenko: Spatial Constructions


Rodchenko, Alexander.

Galerie Gmurzynska. 2002

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One of the most versatile Constructivist and Productivist artists to emerge after the Russian Revolution, Aleksandr Rodchenko worked as a painter, graphic designer, photographer, photomontageist, architectural designer, and sculptor. He was alternately influenced by Suprematism, Productivism, Dada, Constructivism, Abstraction, and Abstract Expressionism--working in different modes throughout his artistic life. This monograph focuses on Rodchenko's sculptures, which can be loosely divided into three groups, beginning with abstract works dating from 1918; mobiles; and square timber works from circa 1920. Works are presented through vintage photographs, detailed descriptions, and reconstructions.

Pap. 208 pp.  many B/W illus. and drawings.