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Richard Avedon: Performance

Richard Avedon: Performance

Richard Avedon: Performance


AVEDON. Lahr, John

Cl. New York, 2008

Book ID: 78802

The preeminent stars and artists of the performing arts from the second half of the 20th century offered their greatest gifts and, sometimes, their inner lives to Richard Avedon. More than 200 are portrayed in Performance, many in photographs that have been rarely or never seen before. Of course, the great stars light the way: Hepburn and Chaplin, Monroe and Garland, Brando and Sinatra. But here too are the actors and comedians, pop stars and divas, musicians and dancers, artists in all mediums with public lives that were essentially performances, who stand at the pinnacle of our cultural achievement.

304 pp., 205 color illus.