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MMX Architecture and territory

MMX Architecture and territory

MMX Architecture and territory


MMX. Canales, Fernanda + Jose Castillo, Jose Goldin, Elena Tudela, Phil Enquist
Arquine 2020
SKU: S02546

Established in 2010, Estudio MMX was born as a collaborative team based in Mexico City, focused on the design processes for the diversity of scales of the territory.

Founded by Jorge Arvizu, Ignacio del Río, Emmanuel Ramírez and Diego Ricalde, he seeks a practice of participation, whose work, synthesis of the structure of the team, promotes the consolidation of his experience through a collective dynamic.

With an open approach to any scale of intervention, MMX Study develops proposals ranging from the design of facilities to architecture and urban planning, recognizing in each project a unique challenge for its physical, economic, political and social context.

This book shows MMX's commitment to understand and address the current problems and needs of cities and global architecture.

In addition to displaying the finished work, this compilation shows the conception and process that resulted in a timeless architecture that adapts to its context and creates favorable conditions at different intervention scales.

PB/ 256pp. Spanish/English