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PLAT 1.0: Imposter, Fall 2010

PLAT 1.0: Imposter, Fall 2010

PLAT 1.0: Imposter, Fall 2010


PLAT Journal. PLAT 1.0: Imposter, Fall 2010

Pap. PLAT Journal. 2010

Book ID: 93079

PLAT is an independent Architectural Journal published by students at Rice School of Architecture. The first full issue of PLAT is a survey of characters, practices, and conditions of the Impostor in architecture. Through essays, projects, drawings and interviews, PLAT 1.0 interrogates notions of real and fake, putting forth an interpretation of architecture's tendency toward interdisciplinarity. PLAT brings the work of the Rice School of Architecture together with a broad range of faculty, students and practitioners throughout the world.
With contributions by: Seanna Walsh, Marti Gottsch, Edward Baer, Giorgio Angelini, Mary Ellen Carroll, Justin Smith, Penelope Boyer, Dustin Tobias, Shota Ishii, Margaret Maile Petty, Kate Morgan, Dustin Valen, Sara Hieb, Tracy Bremer, Justin Brammer, Albert Pope, Troy Schaum, Moira Henry, Kyle Miller, Jack Brough, Jessie Cronstein, & Matthew Austin

152 pp.