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Picasso: The Line

Picasso: The Line

Picasso: The Line


Picasso. Gimnez, Carmen. Picasso: The Line

Cl The Menil Collection. 2016

Book ID: 100090

This beautiful new study provides an insightful reevaluation of the role of line in the work of Pablo Picasso (1881 1973). Picasso pursued drawing assiduously throughout his career, ranging across media such as pen and pencil, charcoal, and papier coll. This book brings together eighty extraordinary drawings spanning the most important phases of Picassos career. Contributors discuss the artists intensive exploration of line in relation to three-dimensional form, both in the context of the European artistic tradition and in analyses of selected works. Drawing emerges as central to the artists processa creative process that reveals another facet of Picassos genius for making art out of the simplest of means.
The first in-depth exploration of the artists line drawings, Picasso The Line conveys how essential these powerful works are within the artists oeuvre. As Picasso himself stated: line drawings are the only ones that cannot be imitated.

168 pp.