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Peter Märkli: Everything One Invents Is True

Peter Märkli: Everything One Invents Is True


MARKLI. Johnston, Pamela.

Quart Architektur, 2017

Book ID: 101597

Peter Märkli has been one of the most striking protagonists of German-Swiss architecture since the founding of the movement in the early 1980s. His impressive buildings resist classification; they do not fit any particular scheme or style, as each structure is developed on an intensely intimate level. This results in wholly unique edifices, which provoke questions about humanity's use of architecture as a means of expressing timelessness, rigidity, and permanence. This volume presents 17 buildings erected by Märkli over the past 15 years. Each is analyzed thoroughly with texts, plans and images. Complementing the work are enlightening essays by Florian Beigel, Philip Christou, Franz Wanner and Ellis Woodman. An exciting interview with Peter Märkli himself rounds off this impressive monographic collection, conducted by Elena Kossovskaja.

240 pp. English Cl.