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Perspecta 42: The Real

Perspecta 42: The Real

Perspecta 42: The Real


Brainard, Gabrielle, ed. Perspecta 42: The Real

Pap. Yale School of Architecture 2010

Book ID: 82959

It is often suggested that architecture is more real than the other arts, more grounded and definitive. Yet even the most fundamental and concrete elements of architecture are often designed to conceal. This issue of Perspecta--the oldest and most distinguished student-edited architectural journal in America--embraces the paradoxical nature of the real, presenting it as a lens that magnifies the strategies and tactics of architecture, past, present, and future. How does architecture create real effects, change our built environment, and respond to crises? What are the tricks and trompe l oeils of contemporary practice?

176 pp.