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Perspecta 40: Monster

Perspecta 40: Monster

Perspecta 40: Monster


Guberman, Marc, Jacob Reidel, and Frida Rosenberg

eds. Pap. Cambridge, 2008

Book ID: 76853

Long ago, the birth of an abnormal creature was interpreted as a sign of looming trouble. These monstra were viewed with both fear and fascination. This fortieth issue of Perspecta examines architecture past and present through the lens of the monster. The contributors embrace the multitude of meanings this term carries in an attempt to understand how architecture arrived at its present situation and where it may be going. Perspecta 40 represents in itself a kind of monster--a hybrid, jumbled, conflicting amalgamation of work and ideas that looks at the past in new ways and tells of things to come.

208 pp., 140 B&W, 40 color illus.