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Palette 04: Neon

Palette 04: Neon

Palette 04: Neon


Victionary. Palette 04: Neon

Victionary. 2013

Book ID: 95401

This fourth volume in the Palette series examines the brightest palette yet Ð neon. Though there were earlier appearances, nota- bly the paintings of Andy Warhol, neon hit its stride in the 1980s Ð appropriated as an aesthetic of the punk rock movement for its boldness. While trends in art and design are often cyclical through time, they are also capable of lateral transmission, readily informing other design disciplines upon their reappearance. Embraced anew by contemporary fashionistas, neon has experienced a marked comeback in the hands of design- ers. Encompassing all aspects of design from fashion and graphic to product, furniture, and interior, this title comes in three alternate neon covers: green, pink, and orange.

256 pp. Flexi.