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One Place. Two Decades

One Place. Two Decades

One Place. Two Decades


B Five Studio. One Place. Two Decades

Cl. B Five Studio 2015

Book ID: 98772

From the introduction by Salvatore LaRosa: Working on one place for two decades is a rare, even unique, experience in the career of almost any contemporary architect. Collaborating on such a project with the same clients-a singularly creative family-and the same fellow artists over so long a time is no less extraordinary. And having the opportunity to reflect on how a place takes shape, narrating every episode of the story as if it were a myth that gains depth and nuance with each retelling, is a privilege that too few designers every get to enjoy. The saga of Hither has unfolded through four major phases, each inspired by the owners evolving needs. Three generations of the clan now come there year-round for a change of pace from their busy lives in New York City. Without their enlightened, patient, loving stewardship, the buildings and landscape documented in this book would be nowhere near as rich as they are.

156 pp. English