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New Villas in Switzerland

New Villas in Switzerland

New Villas in Switzerland


Daguerre, Mercedes. New Villas in Switzerland

Cl. Birkhauser. 2012

Book ID: 87467

Focuses on recent developments in the Swiss architectural debate through a selection of recent residential developments by established and emerging architects honored at an international level. Pragmatism, consistency, precision in construction, technical excellence, detail and simplicity, are just some of the concerns that inevitably arise in dealing with the varied heritage of Swiss architecture and its constant confrontations between modernism and tradition. The selected single-family homes range from traditional Swiss chalets to the most famous examples of avant-garde vernacular architecture of the 1920s and 30s - from Le Corbusier to Hans Schmidt, Rudolf Steiger and Lux Guyer, Hans Fischli, Alfred Roth, Alberto Sartoris and others.

208 pp. illus English