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New Jersey as Non-Site

New Jersey as Non-Site

New Jersey as Non-Site


Baum, Kelly. New Jersey as Non-Site

Yale University Press 2013

Book ID: 94789

Between 1950 and 1975, some of the postwar eras most innovative artists flocked to a very unexpected place: New Jersey. Appreciating what others tended to ignore or mock, they gravitated to the states most desolate peripheries: its industrial wastescapes, crumbling cities, crowded highways, and banal suburbs. There they produced some of the most important work of their careers. The breakthroughs in land, conceptual, performance, and site-specific art that New Jersey helped catalyze are the subject of New Jersey as Non-Site, whose title evokes the mixed-media sculptures that Robert Smithson began to create in 1968 while driving the state's highways with Nancy Holt.

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