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Naked: The Architetcure of Guy Peterson

Naked: The Architetcure of Guy Peterson

Naked: The Architetcure of Guy Peterson


PETERSON. Peterson, Guy. Naked: The Architetcure of Guy Peterson

Oro Editions 2015

Book ID: 100633

This landmark volume documents the stunning work of Guy Peterson, who has spent his life pursuing and developing a rich architectural vision carefully tuned to the demands and opportunities afforded by the unique features of Florida and his design-by-removal process that has produced some of America's greatest coastal architecture. The landscape of Florida and its subtropical climate presents any architect with many challenges to overcome while maintaining its rich building traditions. Guy Peterson, by his own example, has recaptured and redirected efforts toward an authentic Florida architecture. This book details the unique process by which Guy Peterson begins with the basics of climate, program, volume, and proportion and creates buildings of simplicity and power. The architecture showcased here is made from simple materials carefully employed to accomodate function, sculp space, and capture light. Architecture that proves again and again that simplicity is the most powerful generator of architectural form. His is a naked architecture.

208 pp. English Cl.