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Moving    Norman Foster on Art

Moving Norman Foster on Art

Moving Norman Foster on Art


Foster, Norman. Fournier, Jean-Paul. Preface 

Ivory Press   2013
SKU: S01411

Published in conjunction with a seminal exhibition taking place at the Carré d'Art in Nîmes and curated by Norman Foster, who designed the museum two decades ago, this grand volume presents an extensive look at not only the artworks themselves, but also the process behind their selection, as well as the conception and realisation of the exhibition. The works are ones which Foster esteems, frequents and collects, therefore allowing very personal insight into the thought processes of this renowned architect. Besides an essay by Foster and an interview and text by Jean-Marc Prevost, countless images illustrate inspiring connections between art, architecture and design. Signed by Norman Foster in Boston.

420 pp. Cl. Many Color illus.