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Monu 22: Transnational Urbanism.

Monu 22: Transnational Urbanism.


Pap 2015

Book ID: 98462

According to Jean-Louis Missika, to prepare cities for the emergence and growth of transnational lifestyles, new urban and architectural forms that are adapted to these new ways of life must be devised. His exclusive interview appears in this issue, which is entirely dedicated to the topic of ñTransnational Urbanismî in relation to the city, architecture, and its influence on cities in spatial as well as social, political, economic, and cultural terms. Today more than ever, people can create and maintain multiple links, networks, and interactions across the borders of nation-states. With contributions by Antonio Petrov, Thomas Mical, Kolar Aparna, and Ulf Hannerz, among others.

126 pp.