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Meander - Variegating Architecture

Meander - Variegating Architecture

Meander - Variegating Architecture


Sabin, Jenny and Ferda Kolatan. Meander - Variegating Architecture

Bentley Institute Press

Pap. 2010

Book ID: 87883

Features the research and teaching of Ferda Kolatan and Jenny Sabin - work that exemplifies a new generation of research-based practices. These practices are enriching the ways in which architecture can be made, employed, and enjoyed. Their research builds on the shared platforms and networks that have evolved over the past two decades to focus on the production of variegated organizations. It tests the social, cultural, and aesthetic potential of such architectures at different scales and in different materials. Kolatan and Sabin explore their subject in-depth, with rigor and sophistication, working back and forth between the realm of pure research and application. Supported, in part, by Bentley, they seek to develop new opportunities for software, such as GenerativeComponents. Yet their work is not driven only by software. Although it is informed by expertise in material practices and engineering, this is also not primary. Instead, their practice derives its motive force from the pursuit of new beauty, for it takes beauty to be a hallmark of sophisticated organizations in nature that perform in multiple registers at once.

496 pp.