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Max Vogt: Bauen fur die Bahn: 1957-1989

Max Vogt: Bauen fur die Bahn: 1957-1989

Max Vogt: Bauen fur die Bahn: 1957-1989



Cl. Zurich, 2007

Book ID: 72680

The Swiss Federal Railways have put high-quality accents in the Architectural Heritage of Switzerland. Although it is striking buildings, the names of the architects are known in the least cases. One of them is Max Vogt, 1957-1989 responsible for the buildings of the SBB in Zurich, Eastern Switzerland and Graubnden. In this book, the more than one hundred buildings of Max Vogt are presented, the main switchboard in the Zurich train station, train stations Zurich-Altstetten and Killwangen-Spreitenbach, the interlocking Buchs SG. They are all distinguished by their strict, cubic shape language and the concrete used and have the public perception of railroad decisively influenced. Photographs from the archives of the SBB and a complete inventory of all buildings make this volume an important contribution not only to the history of railway construction, but the architecture of the fifties and sixties. The book is a joint publication of the SBB-Service for conservation issues and the Society for Art History in Switzerland GSK. It is the prelude to a new series of architectural and art history of Switzerland's railways. Further volumes are in preparation, they are the architectural and cultural heritage of the Federal Railways reappraise and document. german

160 pp.