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Mastery of Color? Effusion of Color

Mastery of Color? Effusion of Color

Mastery of Color? Effusion of Color


Division Mastery of Color? Effusion of Color

Pap. Hatje Cantz 2013

Book ID: 100235

From mixed to pure color: the triumph of Neoimpressionism over the traditional method of painting

The representatives of Neo-Impressionism permanently liberated paint from the blend on the palette as well as from its traditional method of application, just as it had been revived through the atmospheric illusionism of the Impressionists. Beginning in France, the painterly revolution of the new movementÑalso known as Pointillism or DivisionismÑstretched from the banks of the Seine to the snow-covered slopes of the Alps, from George Seurat to the Swiss artist Giovanni Giacometti. Unmixed and adhering to visual laws, the painters placed dots, spots, and lines of color alongside each other so precisely that the human eye ultimately performs the job of blending the colors during the process of viewing. Featuring texts by distinguished international specialists, this is the first catalogue to present a comprehensive view of as well as shed new light on works and facets of European Neo-Impressionism.

296 pp. 130 ills. English