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Lina Bo Bardi: Built Work

Lina Bo Bardi: Built Work

Lina Bo Bardi: Built Work


BO BARDI. Oliveira, Olivia de. Lina Bo Bardi: Built Work

Cl. Gustavo Gili. 2010

Book ID: 97776

This volume is a reprint in book form of the out-of-print number of the magazine 2G devoted to Lina Bo Bardi and is the only publication currently on the market that presents all the built work of the genial Brazilian architect of Italian origin. Through the 19 works created by Lina Bo Bardi, among which, due to their popularity, it is probably inevitable to cite the House of Glass (the Bardis' home), the MASP (S‹o Paulo Art Museum) and the SESC Pompia Factory, this books provides the keys to understanding her architectural legacy. Using the texts of each project Olivia de Oliveira, the guest editor, composes a multifaceted discourse about the work of Lina Bo Bardi that enables us to contextualize and understand it in all its architectonic, cultural, political and social complexity.

254 pp. Spanish/English.