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LEarning From Las Cuencas

LEarning From Las Cuencas

LEarning From Las Cuencas


Arraiza, Lopez S. & N. Ruiz Allen LEarning From Las Cuencas

Banco Sabadell Herrero. 2015

Book ID: 98865

This publication provides a new perspective on the cultural landscapes of mining across the province of Asturias in north-west Spain. These areas, after undergoing an intense process of industrialisation, have changed considerably within just a few decades. What were once natural valleys with rural economic and social structures came to host bustling, dense urban agglomerations. As a result, hybrid architectures have emerged, mutating artefacts which, despite the invisibility of their inevitable marginality, can offer interesting lessons in architecture today. Richly illustrated with photographs and diagrams, it features contributions from noted artists and architects.

240 pp. English/Spanish Pap.