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Kurt Schwitters: A Journey Through Art

Kurt Schwitters: A Journey Through Art

Kurt Schwitters: A Journey Through Art


SCHWITTERS. Cardinal Roger. Kurt Schwitters: A Journey Through Art

Cl. Hatje Cantz Verlag 2011

Book ID: 85410

The influence of Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948) permeates the art, literature and music of the past century as profoundly as any of his contemporaries. Hero of Dada, Constructivist virtuoso, patron saint of collage, sound poetry and installation art, Schwitters made his greatest impact in the postwar era--while he himself was living in relative seclusion in the north of England--influencing American Pop art (especially Robert Rauschenberg's Combines), Fluxus and assemblage art throughout Europe and America; artists as different as Damien Hirst and Ed Ruscha cite him as an influence. This volume is the first serious broad survey of Schwitters' work in 25 years, and attests to his omnipresent influence today. It draws on recent research into the Merzbau interiors, and gathers all aspects of his output, from collage to typography and architecture, into one glorious testimonial to Schwitters' libidinously prolific oeuvre. With texts by British art historian Roger Cardinal and Schwitters scholar Gwendolen Webster, this volume presents a new Schwitters for our times.

160 pp.