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Kienholz: Five Card Stud

Kienholz: Five Card Stud


KIENHOLZ. Ohrt, Roberto. McEvilley, Thomas. + others. Kienholz: Five Car Stud Louisiana Museum

Cl. 2012

Book ID: 91122

Edward Kienholzs life-size tableau ÒFive Car StudÓ (1969Ð72) depicts four automobiles and a pickup truck, arranged on a dirt floor in a dark room with their headlights illuminating a shocking scene: a group of white men exacting their gruesome ÒpunishmentÓ on an African American man. ÒFive Car StudÓ is a harsh reminder of a shameful part of our history whose traces still linger. It was seen only in Germany in 1972 and has since remained in storage in Japan for almost 40 years.

128 pp.