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Key Interiors Since 1900

Key Interiors Since 1900

Key Interiors Since 1900


Brooker, Graeme. Key Interiors Since 1900

Pap. Laurence King 2013

Book ID: 95078

This book defines the history of modern interior design through the reuse of existing buildings. This approach allows the history of the interior to be viewed as separate from the history of architecture and instead enables the interior to develop its own historical narrative. Following a brief introduction, the book is organized in six chapters on the following themes: home, work, retail, display, leisure, and culture. Each chapter comprises a selection of case studies in chronological order. 52 key examples dating from 1900 to the present are explored in terms of context, concept, organization, and detail and are illustrated with photographs, plans, sections, concept drawings, and sketches.

256 pp.